MAC OS XI – Release Date, Specs, Features


MAC OS XI – Release Date, Specs, Features

Mac OS XI – Release Date, Specs, Features
Over the last few years Apple has started an annual renewal cycle of OS X. The latest version – OS X Mavericks – was published in the shop Mac App Store in September 2013. Previous – OS X Mountain Lion. Previous – OS X 10.7 Lion – launched in July 2011. Earlier update cycle was twice longer: OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard was released in August 2009, and OS X 10.5 Leopard – in October 2007. Thus, the release of a new version under the alleged codename Lynx is expected this summer.

Several thematic blogs on the Internet, studying the statistics of visits in January found that in compare to the autumn of 2012, the number of visits from machines on OS X 10.9 has increased tenfold- 20-30 machines in autumn turned in early 2013 in thousands computers.

Illustration clearly demonstrates that adjusting of the new Apple desktop platform is in full swing and the official announcement of the OS is on the horizon. Moreover, by the experience of the past year such presentation may come down to the individual presentations to some tens of the most popular representatives of techno media.

As we know, Apple considers the most promising way of OS X developing is convergence desktop and mobile OS. The company has already started to integrate the functions of iOS into the desktop version of the operating system with OS X 10.7 Lion. Mountain Lion this concept has got further development: the last operating system contains 10 of the most popular iOS features, including iCloud, messages, reminders, notes, Centre notifications, Twitter, quick link, Game Center, AirPlay video replay function and voice input data.

In Apple intend to make that the experience of interaction with any of the devices of the company was the same. For this reason, it is expected that in the years OS X will be strongly modified. New team plans to move precisely to this way. According to rumours, the new OS can get integrated voice assistant Siri, and tighter integration with Apple cards.